Weather in Thailand. Weather in Pattaya

Weather & Climate in Thailand

Thailand is a tropical country which generally means that it is hot, wet and humid for most of the year, but with distinct regional differences and variations throughout the year. The are to the north of the capital Bangkok experiences three distinct seasons, while the southern regions generally experience only two.

In northern Thailand the weather is generally dry between November and May, with the months from March to May experiencing higher temperatures. in November to February there will often be cooler breezes, whilst May to November is dominated by the southwest monsoon, bringing the area’s heaviest rainfall.

In the south the two seasons are wet, and dry, although these seasons tend to occur at different times on the east and west coasts of the long peninsular. On the west coast the monsoon brings rain and storms from April to October, whilst on the east coast the months from September to December bring the most rain. The southern region has an average annual rainfall of about 2,400 mm, whereas the the north is drier with 1,400 mm per annum. Daytime temperatures can reach 35 Celsius and above, whilst the northern areas are often 2 - 5 degrees cooler where winter nigh time temperatures can drop to around 4 Celsius in the mountainous areas.


Weather in Pattaya

Like the remain of Thailand, Pattaya is case to the annual monsoon rains down, which are heaviest from Might through October. The coolest and driest time of year is December & January. Although I typically accentuate that the rainy season is not an completely unpleasant time to travel to Thailand, it very is not the finest time to travel to Pattaya. There is really small to do distant from the sands, since there are no historical & couple of ethnic attractions in the region. Even the shopping is not all that satisfactory. See the banner beneath for new conditions. 

You can have planned your itinerary or taken tips from your mates, world wide web or trip broker which puts you ought travel to or what is the finest culinary art. Nevertheless, assessing the climate of any put earlier visiting is evenly significant. You want to recognize which is the finest time to travel to a put then that you may have the finest of both the worlds, which means enjoying profitable meal, plentiful heritage & the finest of the weather at the same time. 

Thailand has a tropic climate. It is generally sunny from February to Might, with an common temperature of 34 level celsius. This period is the hottest time of the year in Thailand. Monsoon arrives around the calendar of June. Plenty of rainfall coupled with sun is the typical climate in Thailand from June to October. The temperature is moderate & typically hovers around twenty-nine level celsius. November to January is the finest time of the year with a temperature of twenty-eight level celsius. Compared to else parts, the northerly & northerly easterly section of Thailand experiences ice chest temperatures during evening and nighttime time.

The south-Central section of Thailand enjoys a tropic rainforest climate. This section has the finest climate consistently through the year with an common temperature of twenty-eight to twenty-nine level celsius.

Thus, you may easy make out that you may have the finest bargain whenever you travel to Thailand at any time between November to February. As well, whenever you travel to South Thailand, you will experience finer climates as compared to else areas of Thailand.

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